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The day after. Part 11

Finn's Story

I woke up at about 6am, 4 hours sleep was all my mind would allow. I sat by my phone waiting for my call from the vet. Rob called at 8.30am – thank you social media for keeping me busy during those 2 and a bit hours. The call was all pretty positive but fairly vague. I made my way to the vet for just before lunchtime as I wouldn’t be allowed to see Finn before that. I had no real idea what to expect other than the picture my mind had built up. That picture was a combination of the very sick boy I’d seen in recovery the previous evening, and whatever I imagined a stab victim minus some lung would look like. So, you can imagine my surprise when I saw him up and about and looking much brighter than I’d ever imagined.

I was taken out to…

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Saving Finn’s life. Part 9

Finn's Story

Sat on the floor of Great Ashby vets trying to hold Finn’s chest together, I had a very active role in trying to save Finn’s life. There is no way I could have been made to sit in the waiting room for an update. I needed to be by his side, as I had been throughout that night, as I always am as his partner….unless he was in the van waiting to bark at his next victim of course.
Blood everywhere, radios buzzing and cracking, phones ringing, conversations round corners no one thought I could hear. It was all rather surreal, something that happens to someone else, something you might see in an American TV drama. There were two veterinary nurses, two vets, me, the local officer that bought us to the vet and a couple of shocked looking dog handlers all in the veterinary room. No one really seeming…

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My Dad the dog handler and Finn, my hero. Part 7

Finn's Story

I like my dad being a police officer because he gets to train dogs and bring some home.
A police officers job is very dangerous so you have to be careful. My dad loves his job even though it is dangerous,but even more he loves his dogs and if they got hurt he would be upset.
Dad has a spaniel called pearl, she is a sniffer dog . We also have another dog called Finn, he finds the baddies. So together they work as a team. In the past we have had a dog called Harry the German Shepherd, Josh the Labrador and Micky the German Shepherd.
At home the dogs are all nice and Finn likes a tickle behind the ear. We have to be careful because if we leave the gate open they would run out and get lost.
When mum had told me what had happened I…

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